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Bishop Steven W. Banks

Debbie Hunter is a talented and skilled editor, who exhibited professionalism of the highest caliber and performed admirably under a tight schedule, enabling us to complete on time without compromising on the quality of work. Her display of dependability, excellence, and diligence throughout the entire project spoke volumes about her heart and work ethic, and I recommend her without any reservation.

Yvonne J. Green

An author can have a journal and write their story in it every day. They can preview the draft cover and love it. They can see all the acknowledgements and critique them, but for me, it took the printing of the book by Hunter Heart Publishing for me to realize that the “prophetic word” given to me to write the book was true. Two snaps and a twist to Deborah G. Hunter and Hunter Heart Publishing!

Fredric A. Almond Sr.

Hunter Heart Publishing has been a blessing for me. As a first time author, it is a challenge in finding the right publishing company that isn’t only about the money. But I felt a genuine concern of ensuring that the best product was presented, and ready to be sent out to the market. “Thank you Hunter Heart Publishing, especially for all the behind the scenes that you’ve done for me. God bless.

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Scarred For Life: Stabbed 39 Times and Forgave

***VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*** PHENOMENAL testimony of a man stabbed 39 times by a home intruder, while his mother was murdered in front of him. Author Fredric A. Almond, Sr. survived! Through several years of wishing he had died in that attack, Fredric ran into Jesus Christ! He was not only healed of his physical wounds, but also from his emotional & mental wounds. He gave his life to the Lord and ultimately, forgave the man who killed his mother. This gripping interview with CBN's The 700 Club will propel you to forgive those who have hurt you, wronged you, disappointed you and offended you. Life is short and forgiveness truly frees us to walk out God's will on this earth! You can purchase both of his books on our website at www.hunter-entertainment.com!

Posted by Hunter Entertainment Network on Friday, November 1, 2013

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