Chris Hunter


Chris Hunter is the founder and owner of Hunter Entertainment Network. Chris is a twenty-four year retired veteran from the United States Army, with a background from Colorado Institute of the Art in Mass Communications and Media Production and attends University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS)in Business Administration. He has formed two media outlets: ChristHuNterz Media Group and KDMQ The Spirit, where he opens doors for new talent in the Christian music industry, as well as serves the radio industry in jazz, old school R&B and Christian music. He is married to Deborah G. Hunter and the proud father of six beautiful children and the grandfather of three. They reside in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Deborah G. Hunter

Deborah Hunter

CEO, Publisher

Hunter Heart Publishing was established by Deborah Hunter in Germany in January of 2008. Deborah has a passion for reading and writing and has been a freelance editor for over ten years, editing for many magazines, blogs, authors, websites, small businesses, and corporate entities. She has authored five books, including Breaking the Eve Mentality, Raising Your Prophet: The Journey to Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life, The Call of Intercession, Holy Spirit and The Wilderness, all available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble, and has published over fifty titles for authors all over the world from political memoirs to true life stories. She has a passion for getting the heart of God into mainstream society. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, Magna Cum Laude, and is an ordained Minister in Prophetic Gifting. The desire and vision of Hunter Heart Publishing is to Offer God's Heart to A Dying World through the inspired gift of writing. Deborah is married to Chris Hunter, owner of Hunter Entertainment Network, a conglomerate of media outlets, including books, music and movie production, as well as radio outlets. Together, they have six beautiful children and three grandchildren. They reside in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Gord Dormer

Chief Editor

Gord Dormer has had a passion for writing, and helping others express themselves in writing, for as long as he can remember. Whether he's authoring plays for his local church family, short stories for his own enjoyment, or copywriting and editing for major Fortune 500 companies, Gord finds great satisfaction sitting behind the keyboard of his computer, bringing words to life. Gord and his wife of thirty one years moved to the United States from their home in Canada in 2000 and now live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Together, they have two grown children. Gord enjoys playing drums and bass guitar and has been a long time participant in that greatest of Canadian pastimes: ice hockey. He counts it a blessing to be a part of the Hunter Heart Publishing team.

Brenda Mates


Brenda Mates has been an avid reader all of her life and feels that God has given her a gift to proofread. Her desire is not to change the thought process the Holy Spirit is conveying to the author, or the author's personality, but uses her gift to possibly correct any faux pas. She was born again and filled with the precious Holy Spirit in 1983 and loves God with all her heart and soul. Brenda attends Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, Washington under Drs Casey & Wendy Treat. We are excited that Brenda is a part of what God is doing in the body of Christ through Hunter Heart Publishing. We truly believe that Brenda is a divine connection that the Lord has sent our way.

Robert Leon

Page layout, Copyediting, Proofreading

Robert Leon is a North Carolina native who studied Creative Writing and Film at UNC Wilmington and is making his home in Seattle to pursue work in publishing and design. He has typeset books for his college's Creative Writing Department, been an editor and a contributor for the Atlantis magazine, ran his own freelance video business, and worked as an editor on the Polycultural blog. He is passionate about writing, reading, and playing music, and he hopes to go to a Creative Writing MFA program when the time is right. Until that time, he wants to keep challenging himself.

Ruby James

Cover Designer

Ruby James has her Master’s Degree in Business Management & Leadership with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information System. Her knowledge and experience in the marketing and graphic design field solidifies her expertise in this field. She has been designing business cards, flyers, calendars, bookmarks and book covers for over 20 years while specializing in Website designing for over 11 years. Ruby began her Web & Graphic Design career in early 2002 as the website designer and manager for World Gospel Online Radio station, WGOR, in Ochsenfurt, Germany. Her fresh and innovative designs caused her to be an asset in the graphic and web design industry and catapulted the demand for her web design services and clientele base. From 2006 until the present.

Nico Jones

Graphic Designer

H. Nacomas Jones, a native of Jersey City, New Jersey, graduated from Lincoln High School, Jersey City, New Jersey. His journey in life began with him joining the military in July 1991, when he joined the U.S. Army. In the year 2003, he rededicated his life back to Christ and has not looked back. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology in June 2007. He is currently serving in the ministry under the covenant of his Pastors (Juan Carlos and Mariet Perez) at Bamberg Christian Center in Bamberg, Germany. He is the overseer for the Audio and Graphics ministry for the church and in March 2007 he was ordained as a Minister in his church. Currently he is finishing his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies and Theology in pursuit of his Th.D in Biblical Studies and Theology. Nacomas has a passion to serve the Lord and work for the Kingdom God; he believes that through the gifts of God and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, he can reach the lost.

Phil Coles

Chief Cover Designer

Graphic Designer / Production Artist with extensive experience in design and artwork, specializing in typography, page layout and design for brochures, magazines, book covers and related advertising/promotional material. Knowledge and experience in managing a studio with 20 years experience of the daily running of two successful advertising and design agencies in London, England. Clients have included Futura Paperbacks, Penguin Paperbacks, Orbis Books, and Hamlyn Books; Country Life Books, Traveller magazine, Lever Brothers, Birds Eye Walls, Laing Homes, St George Homes, and Bonham Homes. Born and raised in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Born Again in 1988. Moved to USA in 2007 and now lives in Surprise, Arizona with his wife Yvonne, four Springer Spaniels, and a cat. Phil attends Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church, pastored by Pastors Reginald and Kelley Steele. His vision and desire to use the gifts and talents that God has invested in him to extend the Kingdom of God and to worship God in all he does.

Brian Bear


A born Virginian recently turned New Jersian, Brian's been drawing cartoons since he first learned that those strange characters in the shows he watched were actually *drawn.* He's been animating independently in Flash since 2007, and has made a few short films, as well as music videos for local bands. Currently, he's making Flash work for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, and is slowly becoming a children's book illustrator in his free time.

Alzena Denise A. Hayes


Alzena Denise was born in New Orleans, La. in 1970 and born again in 1993. A lifetime artist in animation and sixteen years of working extensively with children, Alzena Denise is a home school educator, as well as an author and illustrator of children books. She has pursued a degree in Computer Animation at Westwood College in Upland, Ca. and also attended Riverside Community College in Riverside, Ca. Alzena Denise attends Church of Celebration pastored by Josh Barrett and Ginger Barret in Maricopa, Az. where she resides with her husband John Jackson and their four children Immanuel, Spring Imari, Jada Prosperity and Jeremiah. Her vision and desire is to minister to children through her books and to help them to reach their potential and God-given talent.

Shasta Gary

Executive Marketing Director

Shasta D. Gary is Executive Marketing Director for Hunter Heart Publishing. Shasta is a great asset to our company. She attended ECPI College of Technology in Newport News, Virginia with an Associates of Computer and Information Science Degree (Information Technology/Computer Programming). She also attended Strayer University, also in Newport News, Virginia with studies in Information Technology/Computer Networking. Shasta has taken Hunter Heart Publishing to another level with exciting and innovative marketing strategies and opened great doors for the company. Shasta was born again in August of 2001 and has a heart for people. Her desire is to be able to supply capital for start-up businesses to get them off of the ground and operating for the Kingdom. She has one son, Charles Edward Gary II, and is currently operating out of the San Antonio/Houston location.

Sandra Wilson

Marketing & Advertising

Sandra Wilson, born with a passion for the arts, writing, sports and helping people, has always been determined to make an impact in the entertainment world. In 1999 she opend up a Seattle based artist development and management firm called Trinity Entertainment Group where she worked with several young acts to develop talents with the assistance of many talented writers, producers, engineers, dancers and vocal coaches. Continuing on in her passions, she has also done promotions and event management in the NBA, various CBS Top 40 and sports stations. She attended Pennsylvania State University to study Labor and Industiral Relations with a minor in Psychology. Her biggest pursuits: Serving God and others with love, while endeavoring to build the Christian media, so that it has the potential to rival and even surpass the voice of the world. Sandra currently resides in Federal Way, WA., and attends and serves at Christian Faith Center.